Now that the fall semester is running smoothly, UNM staff are being provided with some opportunities to learn more about the Staff as Students initiative.

Staff as Students is a Staff Council initiative that helps UNM employees register for classes and navigate tuition remission in one convenient location. Staff can learn about degree programs, distance education, personal and professional development options, as well as network with their colleagues across campus. During the Staff as Students event, application fees are waived and paperwork processing is also expedited.

There will be a series of 10 lunch-hour Zoom sessions during the weeks of Oct. 26 and Nov. 2. The different sessions are listed as follows:

Monday, Oct. 26 | Ombuds Services
Tuesday, Oct. 27 | Student Health and Counseling
Wednesday, Oct. 28 | Continuing Education
Thursday, Oct. 29 | College of Fine Arts & Arts Leadership + Business
Friday, Oct. 30 | Anderson School of Management
Monday, Nov. 2 | Liberal Arts & Integrative Studies
Tuesday, Nov. 3 | UNM Online
Wednesday, Nov. 4 | Organization, Information & Learning Sciences (OILS)
Thursday, Nov. 5 | Graduate Resource Center
Friday, Nov. 6 | The School of Public Administration

Online assistance will also be provided from Enrollment Management, including the Office of the Registrar as well as Admissions and Recruitment.