The University of New Mexico (UNM) has received a letter from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requesting that UNM prepare a report on the audit currently underway by the State Auditor for review as part of the accreditation process. The HLC letter dated Tuesday, Aug. 15. 2017 notes that the New Mexico Department of Higher Education notified the commission of the audit into UNM Athletics and other financial management practices. The Commission often considers reports, findings and actions by state offices in determining compliance with its Criteria for Accreditation.

While it is not uncommon for HLC to request additional information as part of the lengthy accreditation process, UNM considers a response to this request to be of utmost importance to clarify that the University is financially sound, as shown by all recent independent University-wide audits, and to alleviate any concerns. It is expected that the current audit by the State Auditor and report to the HLC will reaffirm the University’s financial health and educational quality.

UNM administrators are currently collecting all the information necessary to respond to the HLC request by the required submission date of Sept. 14, 2017. The HLC letter asks for a brief report that describes the basis of the audit, actions taken by the State Auditor and/or other offices and its impact on the University.

Once the State Auditor completes the audit, UNM will provide an overview of any actions taken or recommendations made, and will clearly outline all measures and steps to address internal and external concerns and improve financial practices, procedures and policies.

Accreditation is an important measure of an institution’s standards of quality and this request is a top priority for the university leadership. UNM has been continuously accredited through the Higher Learning Commission since 1922. UNM’s last comprehensive evaluation was in 2009. University staff members have been collecting information for the past five years in preparation for the next evaluation and site visit, which is scheduled for March of 2019.

For additional information, visit Accreditation FAQs.