This week on New Mexico in Focus, producer Matt Grubs sits down with KUNM reporter Marisa Demarco to discuss her investigative series on the connection between broken streetlights and pedestrian deaths in Albuquerque’s International District.

The opioid epidemic was a hot topic at the National Indian Health Board’s Annual Public Health Summit held in Albuquerque this week, where communities highlighted prevention efforts, treatment, recovery and laws governing the drugs. NMiF correspondent Antonia Gonzales speaks with health experts who are focused on pressing public health needs in tribal communities.

Gene Grant and the Line opinion panelists continue the discussion of streetlights and public safety.  They also debate the influence of corporate PAC money on elections, and look at the impact of the announcement that Virgin Galactic is moving its spaceship and crew to southern New Mexico’s Spaceport America. 

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Studio Guests

  • Marisa Demarco, reporter, KUNM
  • Stacy Bohlen, CEO, National Indian Health Board
  • Dr. Ron Shaw, CEO, Osage Nation Health Services and past president, Association of American Indian Physicians


  • Antonia Gonzales
  • Matt Grubs

Line Panelists

  • Janice Arnold-Jones, former NM state representative
  • Dan Boyd, capitol bureau chief, Albuquerque Journal
  • Sophie Martin, attorney
  • Dave Mulryan, founder, Everybody Votes and president, Mulryan/Nash Advertising


  • Gene Grant

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