UNM Department of Student Affairs recently announced the winners of the 2021 Lucy Awards at several virtual events. The third installment of the Lucy Awards took place both in-person and on Zoom. Outstanding employees who help the Division of Student Affairs run smoothly were awarded for their contributions.

The winners are the following:

  • Leader of the Pack: Pam Agoyo, American Indian Student Services The Leader of the Pack award is given to the director who constantly demonstrates outstanding leadership skills. The award reflects the dedication of the director towards improving the morale of their employees by going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Extraordinary Pack: Student Health and Counseling Clinical Services The Extraordinary Pack award is given to departments who display extraordinary integrity and generosity towards their team members, leadership, and other departments. This team faces problems head on with confidence and competence.
  • Star Lobo Student Leader: Vanisha Neva, American Indian Student Services The Star Lobo Student Employee award is for those student employees who display improvement and take extra initiative in their work. These employees are the staff who make departments run smoother with their work ethic, professionalism, and attention to detail.
  • Exemplary Pack Member: Tonia Trapp, Accessibility Resource Center The Exemplary Pack Member award to given to those Student Affairs employees who perform above and beyond their capabilities. Those extra motivated employees who have taken on additional duties and created new initiatives to ensure that their departments maintain productivity and efficiency.

For more information on the Lucy Awards, to see pictures of the winners and view past winners, visit the Student Affairs Lucy Awards website.