Going Home Homeless is a personal account of a University of New Mexico graduate student, Jessica Roybal who returns home to document the history and culture of the acequia that has sustained her village for centuries. Armed with an academic background, she finds that her education has not prepared her for the emotional and spiritual transformation that awaits her homecoming. - See more at: Going Home Homeless.

UNM Chicano Studies Professor Levi Romero's work focuses on cultural landscapes studies and sustainable building methodologies of northern New Mexico, including centuries-old traditions of acequia systems, molinos, salas and other agrarian and cultural contexts related to the upper Rio Grande watershed. His documentary work is often presented through an interdisciplinary studies format that includes lecture, video/audio, and literary presentation. This ongoing series in New Mexico Mercury is dedicated to his and his student's oral history and documentation work in the Chicana/o Studies program at the University of New Mexico.

Romero is the published author of A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works, In the Gathering of Silence, and the forthcoming, Sagrado: A Photopoetics Across the Chicano Homeland. He was awarded the post of New Mexico Centennial Poet in 2012.

Media Contact: Carolyn Gonzales (505) 277-5920; email: cgonzal@unm.edu