According to the fall 2008 survey, 13 percent of the students reported being dissatisfied with their overall UNM housing experience. Since fall 2008, Residence Life and Student Housing has spent $11.8 million to improve student housing.

"While survey results show that the majority of student residents are satisfied, we want to insure that we surpass all students' expectations," said Patrick Call, director of Residence Life and Student Housing.

During summer 2009, efforts were on building renovations, upgrades and landscaping initiatives specifically selected to enhance safety and increase student satisfaction. 

Aside from significant renovations to the Student Residence Center (SRC) apartments, Hokona Hall received bathroom fixture, faucet, counter-top and sink upgrades, and plans for a second laundry is in the works.   

Hokona Hall also received a complete room and hallway renovation, with an updated fire safety system installation this summer.  

"Students won't recognize Hokona this year, because everything inside is new," Call said.

This summer, Residence Life and Student Housing completed a $3 million renovation project replacing outdated heating and air-conditioning units and ventilation systems in the SRC apartments. 

"We also repaved and restriped Student Family Housing parking lots and repaired basketball courts on south campus," Call said.

The goal of all improvements is to increase the students' academic achievement and retention at the university. 

"We want our residents to be excited about living on campus," Call said.  "By improving the quality of our facilities and by making them more visually appealing, we are actively serving and promoting student comfort and satisfaction in our on-campus residential community."