Students attending The University of New Mexico now have the opportunity to opt into a Credit/No Credit grade system with no fee or change for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester. The grading option is in support of COVID-19 Emergency Measures for Student Academic Success approved by the UNM Faculty Senate.

Students can elect to change from a letter grade system to a Credit/No Credit system for Spring 2020 courses that they are currently enrolled in. Faculty Senate also waived the maximum Credit/No Credit hour requirements allowing for undergraduates to receive credit for more than 24 credits and graduates can receive credit for more than six (6) credits. Students should initiate the process by May 8 to allow for proper processing and approval.

In coordination with this effort, UNM has committed to remaining flexible in financial aid evaluations in regard to grade point averages and withdrawals in Spring 2020. Currently, the Fall 2019 cumulative GPA can serve as the basis for evaluation for federal, state and UNM financial aid if it is higher than the Spring 2020 cumulative GPA. This exception includes Lottery Scholarship and Amigo Scholarship requirements. Additional guidance and details will be available soon.

To opt into this system, students are required to send an email to their professor with the subject line “Request Grade Mode Change.” The content of the email should include the request to change the grade mode to CR/NC, UNM ID and the CRN and Course code for the course that the grade mode is being requested.

Faculty will then approve the request by composing an email to with the information provided by the student. The student will also be CC’ed in the email. All emails in this process should be either end with or

The Registrar will not charge students for the Credit/No Credit grade change, nor will the Registrar charge if a student dropped courses and wished reinstatement.

Some programs with external licensure require completion of courses with letter grades. If a student is planning on applying or has applied to a program with external licensure—including those in the Health Sciences Center, College of Education and Human Sciences, or Speech and Hearing Sciences, it is recommended to speak with an advisor prior to submitting a grade mode change request.

Advisors can help students make effective decisions towards completing their degree and are available for remote and virtual appointments. Appointment information is available on LoboAchieve and on individual college and school advising websites. Additionally, the Office of Advising Strategies has created a list of Pros and Cons related to the option. Students are encouraged to give serious consideration to all of their options before making a decision.

For additional details regarding the process, visit Implementing Grade Option Change.