The University of New Mexico is participating in a Student Experience Pilot Study, designed to learn about students' experience at UNM and how those experiences have influenced their overall perceptions of the school.

Part of the program involves a survey distributed to a sample of undergraduate students. The survey was designed specifically for higher education. On Monday, March 18, the survey was distributed to a random selection of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. If included in this random sample, you will be receiving reminders encouraging you to take part in this survey. The survey is voluntary and you may decline the invitation.

If you received the invitation, take a moment to complete the survey – you will be representing not only your own views, but those of peers who were not part of the random sample. The results of the survey will provide insight into what is working well for students on campus and what could be working better. UNM looks forward to learning from the feedback share by students and making improvements based on that feedback in the future.

To ensure the confidentiality of responses, surveys will be processed by ModernThink LLC, a research and consulting firm focusing on workplace engagement and excellence. UNM will not be given any information that would enable us to trace survey data back to any one individual.

If you have any questions, contact Professor Melissa Bokovoy,