It takes more than just great professors and dedicated learners to graduate thousands of students from college every year. Students need classrooms and appropriate facilities, a place to park their vehicle, housing, food, textbooks, study spaces, entertainment and even electricity and water.  

The University of New Mexico recently issued degrees to more than 3,400 students, an achievement reached by students who utilized a variety of campus services every day to support their educational goals. Institutional Support Services (ISS) is the University division devoted to providing the infrastructure and services necessary to attract students to campus and support them as they journey through their education, all the way through to graduation day.

“Institutional Support Services plays a vital role at The University of New Mexico by providing seamless services to students, faculty, staff, and patrons. By providing exceptional customer service we have a huge impact in the lives of our students’ success,” says Chris Vallejos, ISS associate vice president.

A quality college experience encompasses much more than what a student does in a classroom. The amenities offered on campus fulfill a much needed part of creating a rich, unique experience for students at UNM. One of the most popular places on campus is the UNM Duck Pond, a physical space loved by many and is maintained by the Physical Plant Department within ISS. Many state-of-the-art buildings will be constructed on campus over the next several years because of the work done in the Planning, Design, and Construction department within ISS. 

“We know that the entire campus experience, including outdoor spaces, classrooms, and collaborative spaces are all important factors when prospective students are looking for their college experience. This also includes how they get around and access campus,” says Lisa Marbury, ISS executive director.

“Our job is to create the experience and for everyone to have a positive experience at The University of New Mexico.” – Chris Vallejos

When students are on campus, they find many low-cost and no-cost options at UNM Ticketing for athletic and public events, including performing arts at Popejoy Hall. The UNM Golf Courses provide discounted rates for students because recreational options are vital to student success and their overall wellness. La Posada, one of a few dining halls in the country open to students 24 hours a day, offers dining options to curb hunger, power the mind, and reenergize UNM students.

“The services we offer at UNM are exceptional,” says Melanie Sparks, ISS executive director. “Data shows that students who live on campus have better GPA’s, increased retention, and higher graduation rates. This comes with having robust programs for students to engage in on campus.” 

Sparks went on to say, “When we think about student success, we want to ensure we have business models that fully support that philosophy. For example, at the UNM bookstores, we provide many choices to our students with used books, rentals, e-books and all-inclusive access models, and were able to save UNM students over $1 million this year alone.”     

UNM invests a lot of money to create an environment where people want to be, offering a wide range of services to keep this community thriving. The 16 ISS departments and over 700 employees are dedicated to providing quality customer care and an overall exceptional experience to everyone who steps foot onto the UNM campus. 

To learn more, visit Institutional Support Services.