Graduate students at The University of New Mexico now have the opportunity to register for Summa Academia: Innovation in Graduate Education, a two-semester program where students will receive a professional development scholarship. Experienced Latina/o faculty will share their expertise on how to navigate the complex systems of graduate education.

Previously known as the Latina/o Graduate and Professional Student Fellowship, Summa Academia is a collaboration between El Centro de la Raza, Enlace New Mexico and UNM's Division for Equity and Inclusion. Each successful fellow receives a $750 stipend to attend a conference, interview, or other professional development related travel upon completion of the requirements listed on the form.

Criteria and eligibility requirements to apply
1. UNM graduate or professional students

2. Applicants must demonstrate their ability and intention to timely complete all requirements of their degrees

3. Applicant must demonstrate their determination and commitment to pursue further academic advancement/professional career development and maturity to commit time and personal effort to comply with fellowship faculty assignments, recruit effective guidance of a mentor in their field to oversee their work and maximize their use and benefits of the resources, knowledge and tools provided to them as part of the award

4. Applicants must demonstrate the relevance of their research/professional goals as these contribute to issues of advocacy, service, or scholarship pertaining to the advancement of Hispano/Latino people and communities, or other groups historically disenfranchised or otherwise marginalized.

Applications must be submitted to the office or electronically by Aug. 31 no later than 5 p.m. For more information on how and where to submit an application visit the form or website.

For more details contact Yesenia Ruiz at or 505 277-5020