The UNM Sustainability Studies Program recognized Earth Day by planting two new fruit trees on-campus.

Before the afternoon spring rains visited Albuquerque, faculty and staff from Sustainability Studies Program including Professor/Director Bruce Milne, lecturers Jessica Rowland and


Eileen Shaughnessy, Program Administrator Terry Horger, and Social Media Administrator Colton Newman gathered near the Student Union Building’s southwest exit. They planted two Elberta semi-dwarf peach trees with the help of Alan Billau, UNM’s Supervising Arborist.

Coming off another successful Sustainability Expo, the Sustainability Studies Program wanted to commemorate Earth Day and the program’s 11 year anniversary by bringing a long-lasting gift of color and fruit to UNM.

The two Elberta peach trees can be found on the patch of grass just outside the SUB’s southwest exterior stairs. The peach trees, once fully grown to 8 to ten feet tall, will produce roughly the same amount of peaches as a standard size tree. Within a year, the young trees will be in full bloom with lush pink flowers to brighten up the heavily trafficked area. These trees and many more that are scheduled to be planted are part of a larger campus-wide project to implement food producing trees to the UNM community.  

Although Earth Day has past, the Sustainability Studies Program encourages people to celebrate the Earth every day of the year by living a green life style.

If you are interested in projects like this or learning more about sustainability, enrollment is now open for the Fall 2019 semester in any number of the Sustainability Studies Program’s classes.  For more information go to or send an email to