Students and researchers interested in the UNM Grand Challenges have an opportunity to help form ideas for targeted funding of projects related to sustainable water resources.

There will be a workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 12 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Farris Engineering Center, Room 1000.

Collaborative teams will discuss specifically targeted funding opportunities and will focus on the four funding opportunities listed below. However, if participants have another opportunity to bring to the group’s attention that will support the Grand Challenge, they should bring it to the workshop. UNM is actively promoting new collaborative networks on-campus, so fresh ideas are highly encouraged.

Coffee and lunch will be provided. RSVP online and select the opportunity to which you want to contribute. Participants are strongly encouraged to read the solicitations and formulate 2 to 3 concrete scientific questions to address through these research opportunities. If you are unable to attend but wish to participate in the stated research opportunities, please directly contact the lead in each category.

The goal of the workshop is to organize teams to formulate research ideas for the following targeted funding opportunities:

Think of innovative ways to train the next generation of scientists to tackle water-related issues, using an interdisciplinary approach. NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) – Lead: Marcy Litvak and Jenn Rudgers; Facilitator: Jennifer Kavka; Letter of Intent due 12/6/2019, Full Proposal due 2/6/2020; $5M

Prepare for the next solicitation for NSF’s Sustainable Urban Systems Research Centers program. We will further develop the urban-rural connections theme discussed at an NSF-funded workshop hosted at UNM in August. NSF Sustainable Urban Systems / Sustainability Research Networks Competition (SRN) – Lead: Mark Stone; Facilitator: Carman Melendrez

Strategize on how to address a new program from NSF that investigates questions that span multiple disciplines within and beyond biology. NSF Biology Integration Institutes (BII) – Lead: Tom Turner; Facilitator: Stephanie Tofighi; Letter of Intent due 12/20/2019, Full Proposal due 2/6/2020; $12.5M

Explore ways to better integrate science into the socio-environmental system that is New Mexico water law and management. NSF CNH2: Dynamics of Integrated Socio- Environmental Systems (CNH2) – Lead: Adrian Oglesby; Facilitator: Mary Jo Daniel; Letter of Intent due 9/17/2020, Full Proposal due 11/15/2020; $150k to $1.6M