The International Undergraduate Research (UR) Inspiration Symposium to be held on Wednesday, Oct. 25, is a one-day, virtual event that will prepare interested undergraduates engaged in research and creative activity to present at the Spring 2024 virtual UR Inspiration Conference.

The UR Inspiration Symposium Fall 2023 and Spring 2024 conference are a joint initiative by Florida International University, University of Arizona, UNM, and the Fulbright Commission Argentina.

The symposium gives undergraduate students an opportunity to learn how to share their unique research talents and projects with the public, research professors, and fellow students. UR Inspiration is a virtual, no-charge symposium with workshops offered in both English and Spanish.

During UR Inspiration, students will learn how to create effective research posters, how to conduct powerful oral presentations, and how to tell compelling research stories. They will learn foundational research skills, including information literacy and how to recognize and address imposter syndrome. In addition, they will meet fellow students and research experts from North and South America.

The event will feature passionate and experienced faculty, staff, and students from various fields leading 50-minute virtual symposium sessions on best research practices for undergraduate students. The sessions will address common issues or challenges that novice researchers must overcome, and offer tips for success, some with a global lens.

“In essence, the sessions will be inspirational, help undergraduate researchers to access research opportunities, and build confidence to effectively present research and creative works themselves,” explained Tim Schroeder, director of the UNM Undergraduate Research, Arts & Design Network (URAD). Students from the U.S. and Argentina are invited, so sessions will be presented in English and Spanish.

Presentations will include:

  • Keynote: How can Artificial Intelligence (AI) be a resourceful tool in undergraduate research?
  • Fulbright Opportunities for U.S. Students
  • Designing Effective Presentations and Research Posters
  • Voices of Experience: Students who conducted academic or scientific research at U.S. universities
  • Language Learning Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, Culture Shock, oh my! Overcoming International Research Nerves
  • The Road to Your First Research Publication: Tools and Strategies for Success
  • Where can Humanities Research take You?

and more. For a full list of topics and to register, check the UR Inspiration Symposium website

“The Fall symposium offers UNM students a unique opportunity to further build their skills in research and meet fellow students and faculty from North and South America, at no cost to them,” said Jennifer Chamberlin Payne, Senior Student Success Specialist for URAD.

The symposium will be held on Airmeet, a dynamic virtual event and networking platform which employs Zoom. The symposium is free. However, students are required to register. Since the event will take place across multiple time zones, five time slots for presentations have been designated.

Students who participate in the UR Inspiration Symposium will be invited to present their research at the UR Inspiration Conference to be held virtually in the spring. During this free conference, students present research posters, oral presentations, and research stories, and gather feedback from university educators and researchers. They also engage with other students and faculty researchers through roundtable discussions and panel presentations. Students registered for the UR Inspiration Symposium will have priority acceptance for the UR Inspiration Conference.