While working toward his Master’ degree in Organization, Information, and Learning Sciences (OI&LS), Bill Meador was introduced to the TED talks as supplement to classroom learning. Meador was captivated by the short, pithy talks by top scientists, artists and designers from around the globe. Over time, he became he became a TED Head – a term used to describe mega fans of the TED Talks. 

Meador, who is an instructor at CNM, was introduced to Tim Nisly, an alumnus of UNM’s Anderson School and the curator of the local TED licensed event. Today, Meador works closely with Nisly to promote and conduct the TEDxABQ event.

This year TEDxABQ will be held on Saturday, Sept. 7 at UNM’s Popejoy Hall and is expected to draw 2,000 participants. TEDxABQ is now in its fifth year, and has grown and expanded each year.  Anyone interested in hearing the TEDxABQ talks can hear them as they are streamed here.  It's also the place to search for TEDxABQ given in Albuquerque in previous years.

It’s difficult to keep a volunteer organization alive and productive and the TEDxABQ organization is staffed entirely by volunteers. As an extension of that volunteer effort, Nisly and Meador agreed to bring TEDxABQ directly to the OI&LS classroom this year –as the case study for a class on Organizational Development Consultancy taught by Assistant Professor Bob Grassberger.

Over the semester, the students in the class will act as consultants with the leadership of the TEDxABQ. “TEDxABQ has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last years,” says Meador. “There are many strategic opportunities and directions we can go in the future. Working with these students will bring us new perspectives and thinking about how to proceed.”

Grassberger says, “Using a real world case study instead of something from a book connects work and learning much more intimately,” according to Grassberger. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with TEDxABQ. The expectation is that both our students and the TEDxABQ organization will reap tremendous benefits.”