A documentary, titled “The Caveman of Atomic City,” featuring the story of microMike, a unique man who lived in caves under the famous Los Alamos National Lab, the secretive birthplace of nuclear weapons and created a new science, premieres Saturday, April 23 at 6 p.m. at the Guild Cinema as part of the Albuquerque Film and Media Experience festival.

The film, directed by Paul Ratner and produced by Petra Ratner, tells the remarkable story of how he left all his worldly possessions and dedicated his life to pursuing ideas about the universe, which he thought would improve upon his hero Einstein. The film is about the joy of discovery, the battle for the soul of science, and the dogged attempts of one unusual man to change the world.

The documentary champions peace and freedom in a town known for war and secrecy. A Vietnam vet, microMike also survived personal tragedy that came with the death of his son and dedicated himself to spreading his model of universal interconnectedness called "Gravionics." This model attempts to unite science and spirituality.

"We think it would be a great film for students to see because it not only talks about some very interesting ideas on life and science as well as illuminating events that pertain to the Atomic history of New Mexico, the film is also an inspirational tale for anyone who wants to make a mark on the world but has met serious obstacles,” said Petra Ratner.

The film also features interviews with scientists and Los Alamos luminaries such as James Bradbury, the nuclear chemist and world authority on cold fusion Ed Storms, and the Los Alamos National Lab’s current Executive Advisor Alan Hurd, who also leads the The New Mexico Consortium (NMC), a non-profit research and educational institution established in 2006 by The University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University and New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in partnership with LANL to achieve common objectives. Additional, amusing street conversations with regular people about how much (or little) they understand the increasingly complex world of science are also a part of the movie.

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