Students logging into LoboWeb to sign up for classes next month will notice changes to the registration process, and there are lots of resources available to help them understand how to use it.

“The new process is more streamlined and user-friendly,” said Duane Arruti, Chief Information Officer for Information Technologies (IT) at UNM. “Things are set up a little differently and students should familiarize themselves with the new format beforehand in order to make their registration process smoother and more efficient.”

The new process comes with many bells and whistles, including offering improved search functionality, a visual representation of scheduled classes and an improved layout, making it simpler for students to register for classes.

Important Registration Dates:

Oct. 29 | Spring 2019 class schedule released

Nov. 5 | Staff as Students Registration.

Nov. 12 at midnight | First window for grad students and priority registration opens by appointment.

Nov. 26 at midnight | Registration opens for freshmen

Nov. 27 | Operation Registration for freshmen

The updated registration process was released in a BETA version on Aug. 1 and has undergone extensive testing from multiple departments. Focus groups across campus gave their input, and IT did comprehensive load testing to make sure the system is powerful enough to handle the estimated 1,300 registering students logging in between midnight and 1 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 12.

“The new system is lightyears better than the old system,” one focus group participant said. “Excellent functionality, easy to navigate and clear presentation of needed information. It was also easier to update my courses.”

In preparation for the launch, IT has created several training videos  showing students how to use certain functions in the new process. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to watch this Registration Basics Video. The 10-minute presentation will save students a lot of time when the registration crunch hits.

Staff as Students
At the annual “Staff as Students” event held Nov. 5, UNM Staff members will also have an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new registration of system. In addition, advisors, college staff and support offices such as the Bursar’s and Registrar will be on-hand the night of Nov. 26, to help students navigate the process during the annual “Operation Registration” event. 

IT will be monitoring the registration servers 24/7 and troubleshooting issues with the new program, should any arise. Click here to read more FAQs and updates about the process.