The University of New Mexico celebrated 130 years of howling and the university kicked off its annual Lobo Day celebration.

The organization of Lobo Day is a collaborative effort from many proud Lobo organizations including ASUNM’s Lobo Spirit, Student Activities Center, University Communication and Marketing and the UNM Alumni Association.

Several hundred Lobos gathered and celebrated with free t-shirts, cake and interactive displays provided by Storylab. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni used Lobo Day as an opportunity to reflect on UNM’s history as an institution and celebrate all the contributions UNM has made to the community.

“Today we are celebrating 130 years of this great institution,” said ASUNM Lobo Spirit Executive Director, Adam Biederwolf. “We love Lobo Day, but the most important thing about this event is that we bring students from different background together to celebrate a great tradition.”

The University of New Mexico also celebrated President Garnett Stokes’ first year at UNM at Lobo Day.

The event was commemorated with their annual group photo that is used to capture a quick glimpse at the swelling pride UNM has on its 130th birthday.

Students also had the opportunity to commemorate UNM’s 130th birthday in their own personal way with a photo booth.