The University of New Mexico LoboTHON student organization will celebrate its third annual LoboTHON Dance Marathon on Saturday, April 2 to benefit the UNM Children’s Hospital, the only Children’s Miracle Network Hospital in the state of New Mexico. 

This fundraising event starts at 12 p.m. on April 2 and commences at 1:06 a.m. on April 3 at the UNM Johnson Recreational Center, where an anticipated 750 to 1,000 participants will attend to help raise the set goal of $62,000 to be donated directly to the UNM Children's Hospital. 

2015 LoboTHON Dance Marathon
Students dancing during the 2015 LoboTHON Dance Marathon

The LoboTHON Dance Marathon, spanning 13.1 hours, represents the dedication to raising awareness and money to help saves the lives of the children being treated at the UNM Children’s Hospital. The participants attending the event will stand on their feet for the duration of the Dance Marathon to demonstrate their greater appreciation and understanding of the struggles the hospital’s children face every day. The event will feature dancing, games, entertainment, the attendance of Miracle families as well as a final unveiling of the funds raised that will be donated to the hospital.

In two years, LoboTHON has raised more than $69,000 for the UNM Children’s Hospital. Continuing that momentum, the goal amount of money to be raised for this year’s LoboTHON is $62,000, representative the statistic of 62 children per minute are being admitted to a hospital to be treated for a life-threatening illness at a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

LoboTHON is an entirely student-run organization where students also spend extensive time at the UNM Children's Hospital to provide emotional support, so each child has the right to be a kid. This support is critical to the children of UNM Children’s Hospital and their families, where the majority of parents with a hospitalized child are unable to take off work to be with their child at the hospital.The money raised from LoboTHON’s Dance Marathon will directly go to support research and training, purchase equipment and pay for uncompensated care at the UNM Children’s Hospital. 

Alone, the UNM Children’s Hospital treats over 62,000 children from across the state each year who suffer from some physical ailment, disability or health condition. The UNM Children’s Hospital also houses the only Level 1 Trauma Center in New Mexico and provides a 24-hour pediatric care unit to children in need. The money raised and donated through the LoboTHON Dance Marathon will help to make a direct and long-lasting impact on these children.

2015 LoboTHON Dance Marathon
The 2015 LoboTHON Dance Marathon raised more than $44,000.

Many notable sponsors from around the state including American Campus Communities and UNM have joined in support of LoboTHON’s mission to help save the lives of children. This year’s event boasts the help of Mrs. Janet Frank, wife of UNM President Robert G. Frank, who is supporting LoboTHON as a personal endeavor of hers to give back to the local community and University.

For more information or to become involved, visit the LoboTHON website.

Individuals or organizations that are interested in supporting LoboTHON and its efforts can become involved by being a dancer at the event, a personal donor or a corporate sponsor. For donations, visit sponsorship information.