If you'd like the chance to win money to help turn your idea into a reality, then plan on signing up for the Rainforest Student Pitch Competition hosted by STC.UNM and the UNM Innovation Academy. Students with product ideas, crazy innovations, a genuine startup, or just a desire to practice their presentation skills are encouraged to enter.  Open to university students in the state of New Mexico.

To be eligible to compete in the Rainforest Student Pitch Competition, you must submit an application (see below) with your video submission by Oct. 24, 2016. The Top 5 teams will split the Rainforest Student Pitch Competition Fund.

Instructions and Guidelines
There will be two rounds in the competition.

Submission criteria for First Round
Record a 90 second video of a student or team of students delivering an elevator pitch for your business/idea. Videos should capture student(s) delivering the pitch to the camera. The pitch should be delivered in a single take. Videos should not be edited together or produced with visuals or effects. This doesn’t mean it needs to be filmed on the first take, but there should be no post-production done to the pitch (i.e. don’t edit two halves of different takes together). Avoid reading from scripts or cue cards. Be sure to record the video in a reasonably quiet environment to make it easier for the judges to hear and understand. Avoid recording outdoors or in loud hallways.

A panel of judges will view the video submissions and determine the finalists that will move on to the Final Round at a Bow & Arrow Brewing Co. on Nov. 7, 2016.  Finalists will be announced by Oct. 31, 2016.

Final Round
Finalists will present a 90-second “live” pitch to at an evening reception on Nov. 7, 2016 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. in front of the business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and others in the community. Winners will be determined by audience voting.

For more information or to enter, visit Rainforest Student Pitch Competition Fund.