Employee & Organizational Development (EOD) is launching a professional development leadership program in Spring 2016 called ULead, allowing staff to learn and exhibit leadership behaviors. The new program is designed to help staff become better leaders by integrating staff feedback on leadership and development needs, utilizing leadership development best practices, and supporting Vision 2020 initiatives.

Participants in this program will explore the question: How are you going to use your leadership skills and abilities to drive successful results that support the goals of your department and the university?

"ULead is about discovering your innate abilities as a leader and how to positive influence those around you," said Mary Farias, program coordinator. "Leadership opportunities exist for everyone, regardless of hierarchical level or position."

A few of the key differentiators (among others) are a more concentrated time commitment to the program, dedicated sponsorship for each session, direct application to UNM-specific projects, and a broader range of learning methods (not just sitting in a classroom all day). Additionally, individuals are not required to currently have direct reports and/or be in a supervisory or management position to participate in the program.

"An advantage to the condensed time frame is that it more regularly integrates and reinforces the content while providing regular opportunity to apply the learning to their project," said Mary Farias said. "This is in contrast to the Management Academy, which took place over eight or nine months."

The first session of ULead will be Mar. 2 through April 10, 2016. During this program, participants must commit to a single 8-hour day once per week for eight weeks. Additionally, participants from all levels of UNM will form teams to learn and practice skills learned in ULead.

Those who participate in ULead will be expected to utilize the leadership skills they acquire to their day-to-day work to create higher levels of leadership and vision within their workplace.

Registration for the first Ulead session opens via Learning Central on Tuesday, Jan. 19 and runs through Feb. 5. More information about the program is available at ULead

For more information, contact Mary Farias at (505) 277-2946 or mfarias@unm.edu or Shary Tompkins, (505) 277-0881 or stompkins@unm.edu.