With Election Day right around the corner, campaigns are doing last minute pushes for votes and fundraising – but what effect will that money have on the election outcome? 

Join UNM University Libraries for a discussion about the influence of money on our democracy, and how it could impact the 2018 election. The event is Thursday, Nov. 8 at 4 p.m. in the Frank Waters Room of Zimmerman Library, located on the University of New Mexico main campus. 

The discussion will focus on the effect of unfettered political spending in New Mexico elections, and reform efforts to counter that trend. Campaign finance data from the 2018 election and examples of political advertising utilized by candidates to sway voters will be presented. 

Panelists include Heather Ferguson, Common Cause executive director; Kathleen Sabo, New Mexico Ethics Watch executive director; Timothy Krebs, Political Science professor and department chair at UNM; and Michael Rocca, Political Science associate professor at UNM.Marjorie Childress will moderate the discussion, she is deputy director of New Mexico In Depth – a news organization that reports on the influence of money in politics,.

The event is free and open to all.