Since 2011, the Unidos Project has been working with The University of New Mexico, Central New Mexico Community College and Albuquerque Public Schools to create deeper partnerships and the sharing of best practices.

One of the project’s strategies is hosting legislative summits to engage and inform organizations, community members, leaders, students and families on the upcoming legislative priorities and process.

Legislative Education Summit

“The goal of the event is to focus on collective impact across institutions working with community organizations to further increase student success and legislative policy awareness in New Mexico,” said Jennifer Gomez-Chavez, executive director of the Unidos Project.

This year, the Unidos Project will convene various partners including the Division for Student Affairs, ENLACE NM, Learning Alliance of NM, Partnership for Community Action, NM Voices for Children, Office of African American Affairs, Division for Equity and Inclusion, and Global Embassy on Activist for Peace for its Legislative Education Summit Thursday, Nov. 30, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Pete Mc David Lounge, located in the University Dream Style Arena (The Pit).

“I am please the Unidos Summit is bringing together legislators, university personnel, staff, community members to discuss issues that affect public education in our state," said Vice President for Student Affairs Eliseo "Cheo" Torres. "This is an opportunity for us to work together by being informed of the process and key policies.”  

The discussion will focus on current and upcoming education legislative priorities. Some of the areas of discussion will include: the ESSA ACT, Lottery, DACA, ethnic studies, adult education and other important key policies. Updates will be provided on important educational policies including: The Hispanic Education Act, Black Education Act and Native American Education Act.

"As New Mexico education leaders it is vital that we unify efforts to work towards a collective statewide education vision that serves and represents all New Mexico students," said Cindy Nava, executive director of New Mexico Learning Alliance.

The New Mexico Learning Alliance lead the statewide community forums on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which is a U.S. law that was passed in 2015 that replaced the No Child Left Behind Act.

Individuals are invited to meet with key legislators and community leaders to prepare for the upcoming 2018 legislative session.

Lunch will be provided.