The Office of University Advisement will soon have a new name. Beginning Friday, Dec. 1, an official launch implementing the name change to Office of Advising Strategies (OAS) begin.

“The change in name will provide clarification to our purpose and whom we serve,” said Laura Valdez, director of OAS. “Students and external organizations believed that we provided direct advising services to students. Instead we provide services to the advising community, who in turn serve students.”

The office has experienced a name change before, originally it was known as the Student Success Center until it became the Office of University Advisement.

The purpose of the office has always been to provide advisors with the resources, trainings and support needed to succeed. OAS exists to ensure Advisement has the capabilities needed to help students thrive academically and professionally, as well as provide the foundation needed for their future success.

The mission of OAS is to lead, educate, and advocate for the University of New Mexico Advisement community. They value excellence, by promoting an advisement model of continuous improvement; transparency, by providing clear and consistent communication defining goals and direction; and respect, by supporting and recognizing differences across units in a de-centralized advising system.

For more information, visit: Office of Advising Strategies.