University Libraries assistant professor, Adrienne Warner, was named the inaugural recipient of the Jim and Mary Lois Friday Hulsman Librarianship for Student Success, a prestigious endowment that enables librarians in the University Libraries to work on projects directly related to helping students thrive in their academic careers.

Warner has worked at the University Libraries since 2014 and currently holds the position of First Year Experience Librarian. This involves collaborating with new undergraduate students, campus organizations, faculty, staff, and high school students to support academic growth.

In her previous position as the Library Services Coordinator for Reference within University Libraries, Adrienne planned and coordinated reference and information service provision. She worked with colleagues to provide research help in person and across online service points. Before coming to work at University Libraries, Adrienne worked as a librarian in the Albuquerque public library system for many years.

“Libraries are not just repositories of knowledge, but catalysts for student success. Adrienne Warner's role as the first recipient of this prestigious endowed position embodies our dedication to providing students with the resources and support they need to excel in their academic journeys," said Leo Lo, dean of the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences.

The endowed position is a three-year term in which candidates are selected through a competitive application process. During the three years, the selected librarian will develop and implement projects that directly relate to promoting student success, including but not limited to areas such as: Student employee experience, open and affordable educational resources and textbooks, library instruction, and library user experience.

“We know there’s a link between library use and positive outcomes for students, like persistence to graduation and higher GPA. We also know that some students feel nervous and overwhelmed about coming into the library. Others might have heard they’re supposed to use the library in college but don’t know what they are supposed to do once they’re here. Part of my job is to help students over that hurdle early on in their time at UNM so that they can become familiar with the spaces - and with us librarians - they can count on us to help at their time of need,” said Warner.  

“We want all our students to feel not only welcome in our spaces, but that they know how to make the library’s offerings work for them. From finding a favorite place to study, meet their friends, charge their phone, and explore their world, I want everyone to know that the library is a place for our students.”

Warner has spent most of her time at UNM researching how students interact with the library’s online resources but has now branched into studying the library as a place.

“What is it about libraries that just feels different when you’re physically in these spaces? What are students’ lived experiences regarding libraries? What might be preventing someone from feeling welcome here? With this endowed term, I have the opportunity to dig into these questions and create welcome materials based on what I find. Even better, I’ll be hiring student employees to help gather the answers to these questions and produce content for videos and tours. At the end of the three years, we’ll have two tours of Zimmerman, accessible anytime the building is open, translated into Spanish and hopefully Dine.” 

Warner will hold the endowed position starting fall 2023 until 2026. Warner holds a Bachelor of University Studies from the University of New Mexico, with concentrations in Women’s Studies, art, and writing. She earned a Master of Library Science from Texas Woman’s University.

Jim and Mary Lois Friday Hulsman are long-time supporters of the University Libraries, which have made a phenomenal difference in the lives of countless students: the Hulsman Undergraduate Library Research Award, Hulsman Outstanding Student Employee Awards, the Sports History Endowment, and soon to come the Friday Hulsman Graduate Commons. The Hulsman Librarianship for Student Success endowment will continue to provide students with innovative and resourceful support throughout their college experience from the University Libraries.