The University Libraries (UL) is excited to welcome new and returning patrons into its innovative and historic spaces this fall. One of the newest features is the installation of ID-tap turnstile systems at the entrances of all central campus libraries – Centennial Science & Engineering Library, Fine Arts & Design Library, and Zimmerman Library.

The goal of the turnstile system is to support a safe and secure environment for the Lobo community while also improving protection for library collections. The project is part of a broader UNM plan to improve safety on campus while maintaining access to facilities, resources, and services.

The library entry process is similar to other facilities on campus. Students, staff, faculty, and individuals with a Lobo ID Card with proximity privileges will be able to tap in to gain access to the spaces.

Lobo ID cards must have proximity access in order to enter in the turnstile system. Lobo ID cards without 5 or more digits located on the back-right corner, must be replaced with a new proximity card. The UNM LoboCard Office can replace old Lobo ID cards with no cost. However, if there is not an old card to turn in, there is a fee to replace a lost card. For more information, please visit the LoboCard Office website.

Community members without a Lobo ID Card are able to enter after checking in with staff at the desk located near the turnstiles and providing a government-issued photo ID or a student photo ID. Staff members are also available to help visitors navigate the turnstile systems and answer directional questions for each library.

“The wellbeing of our library patrons and employees is our highest priority,” said Mark Emmons, associate dean for education and engagement in the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences (CULLS). “We have seen an increasing number of security incidents in the years leading up to the pandemic and we believe that the addition of the turnstiles in our buildings will promote safety.”

The new systems include ADA-compliant swing gates and also have capability to allow group access such as campus tours. In the event of an emergency, the turnstiles are connected with the fire alarm systems and permit safe and immediate exit from the library.

“We pride ourselves on providing resources and services to the community while ensuring all visitors and employees are safe,” said Leo Lo, dean of College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences. “With the new turnstile system, we aim to improve the safety in our spaces while continuing to welcome community members. The turnstiles are one of many space renovations we are implementing to improve our facilities for the campus and Albuquerque community.” 

The University Libraries (UL) receives thousands of visitors throughout the year and is proud to provide many resources and services to the UNM and broader New Mexico community. The UL is continually looking at ways to optimize and improve its spaces with the collaboration of other campus services. UL in collaboration with UNM IT and Adobe, recently opened the Adobe Creative Commons located in Zimmerman Library which aims to promote digital literacy and creativity across all disciplines. An upcoming project includes the expansion of the Graduate Commons which will be located in the basement of Zimmerman Library and include various group and individual study spaces that adhere to the needs of graduate students.

More information about the University Libraries and the turnstiles can be found at