Artist and author Paul Ré is recognized internationally for promoting world peace and harmony through his masterful creations. For four decades, Albuquerque resident Ré has shown how serene and elevating art can act as a model for living and can inspire people to find their inner depth and express it outwardly through good works.

In keeping with these ideals, the Peace Prize is given to a University of New Mexico faculty, staff member, student, alumnus or retiree who has best-promoted peace, harmony, and understanding among people of the world, both within him- or herself and outwardly through tangible works.

These works may be on a local, regional, national or global level. Emphasis is on promoting both internal and external peace, as well as fostering discussion of what really constitutes peace.

The recipient of the award may be an artist, but may also be an individual in any field who has pursued peace and harmony with creativity and dedication.

Possible projects may be environmental, involve individual or social healing, integrative medicine, sustainable energy or green architectural design, art creation or preservation, human population control and family planning or any positive endeavor. 

Included is conflict resolution, but conflict prevention is to be particularly strongly emphasized.

The award consists of a stipend, commemorative artwork by Paul Ré, specially inscribed copies of Ré’s acclaimed books, The Dance of the Pencil and Art, Peace, and Transcendence, plus an award reception.

Ré’s latest volume, Art, Peace, and Transcendence: Réograms that Elevate and Unite, received the New Mexico – Arizona Book Award for Philosophy and is available from UNM Press. In addition to the Peace Prize itself, a Lifetime Achievement Award and an Emerging Promoter of Peace Award may be given.

Nominations can be submitted electronically or mailed, and must be received by no later than 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 26. The award ceremony will be on May 24.

If you are planning to send in a nomination, please let the committee know as soon as possible. You can do that by visiting the nomination form on the website.  

For more information about the prize, visit the Paul Bartlett Ré Peace Prize webpage.