A UNM alumna is bringing more than 20 years of her art to life in a new interactive show that will open this week at a local experiential entertainment venue and creative arts studio, Electric Playhouse.

Artist Lea Anderson says each piece in the show ‘MICRODOSE’ will be active—ultimately creating a space open to all kinds of interpretations, both fantastical and familiar.

"For some of the pieces, I envisioned certain possibilities and provided sketches and digital files of my artwork, and the creative coders interpreted my ideas and we developed them in a back-and-forth creative process," Anderson said. "We are collectively creating a playful visual chemistry of art that is physically, mentally, and creatively impactful."


Anderson says each piece moves, melts, morphs, or evolves through the combination of hand-made artwork and the creative coding process. MICRODOSE includes new mixed media drawings specifically for pieces in the show, while combining a wide range of Anderson’s pieces of art sculptures, paintings, drawings, collages, and installations.

Anderson, a 2006 UNM graduate, says the inspiration for MICRODOSE comes from microbiology, ocean life, fungi, and a huge array of natural patterns and forms.

"Many of my artworks have personal significance to me and relate to my own life story, but each viewer can come away with their own unique interpretation," she said.

She said the name, ‘MICRODOSE’ acknowledges the not-so-subtle psychedelic visual component of the show, filled with vivid colors, soft contours, and oozing textures, as well as the positive, healing properties and creative inspiration that can be enhanced through experiencing art.

"'Micro' meaning 'small,' and 'dose' meaning 'gift' combine etymologically to mean 'small gifts,' which is what the ideas in MICRODOSE are, healing gifts of inspiration and wonder," she said.

And according to Anderson, Electric Playhouse was the perfect venue to highlight this show.

Chief Technology Officer Eric Yakley says the 24,000-square-foot venue is a creative canvas for artists.


"It’s a next generation entertainment venue, extensively projection mapped and activated with sensors putting guests in control of the experience," Yakley said. "Electric Playhouse has fifteen experiential zones to explore, and three projection mapped party rooms. It is a destination to play, party, dance, sing, eat, hang out, and celebrate."

He says MICRODOSE is the culmination of a year of working collaboratively with Anderson to really explore the venue’s potential.

"This is a celebration of a partnership that promotes a truly innovative and talented local artist," he said. "Conceived, designed and built in Burque, Electric Playhouse is a proud part of the local arts community."

MICRODOSE opens Friday, July 8. Tickets can be purchased here.