University of New Mexico alumna and DC area resident LaNysha T. Adams was announced as the Best Indie Book Award (BIBA®) winner in the Motivational category for her debut non-fiction work, Me Power (New Degree Press) within the first three months of its release.

Adams is a 20-year educator with a Ph.D. from UNM (May 2015) in Language, Literature, and Sociocultural Studies. She also taught LLSS 315 and several other courses during that time (2010-15).

In the book, the Ivy-League-educated linguist and founder of award-winning education consultancy Edlinguist Solutions redefines “empowerment” and challenges readers not only to answer the question of who they want to be but also to put the answer(s) into action.

Categorized as a self-help book, Me Power is founded on five principles: 1.) Embrace Your Barriers, 2.) Focus On Your Strengths, 3.) Speak for Your Life, 4.) Choose Your Guide(s), and 5.) Ritualize Your Reflection. The title—a play on the word “empower”—is intentionally filled with stories of ordinary people who exemplify Me Power.

Kirkus Reviews says Me Power is “a wide-ranging and powerfully optimistic look at how individuals can change their lives." A five-star review from Readers’ Favorite reports: "Reading Me Power will leave you uplifted and inspired.”

The annual Best Indie Book Award® recognizes authors publishing with "the indies," including small presses, larger independent publishers, university presses, e-book publishers, and self-published authors. Adams’s story of overcoming cardiac arrest, spending a week in a coma, and then completing the book within the same calendar year is another inspiring example of Me Power.

“To receive such an honor as a debut author reflects the efforts of more than 20 publishing professionals, 192 pre-sale supporters, and 15 beta readers who contributed to Me Power. What an amazing journey!” said Adams. “I am so grateful to share my message with the world and to receive this award.”

Since its recent BIBA win, Me Power has also been nominated for the Readers’ Favorite International Book Award, one of the largest and most popular book competitions in the world.

Winner for ‘Non-Fiction: Motivational’ in the 2022 Best Indie Book Award Contest, Me Power is available for purchase from Kensington Row Bookshop in Kensington, Maryland,  direct purchase on the author’s website, Garcia Street Books in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and wherever books are sold.

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