Think About It

Annually, students at The University of New Mexico are required to participate in sexual assault prevention training. With the new semester underway, students should expect news on a new program aimed at creating a safer campus for Lobos. 

During Safety Week, students will be informed about their annual, mandatory online sexual assault prevention training. All Lobos in a degree-seeking program must complete Think About It online unless they have already completed it this year or they are new students who qualified for the in-person Grey Area training in 2018.

Think About It, by Campus Clarity, is a learning module that addresses various topics students may encounter over the course of their college experience. This includes healthy and unhealthy relationships, sexual misconduct, survivor support, alcohol and sex, and bystander intervention.

Students will receive an email during the week of Sept. 4 from the LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center detailing the training and providing a link to the instruction tool. All students are encouraged to take the 45-minute training as soon as possible. 

Last year, the University was able to reach over 25,000 students with its in-person sexual assault prevention program, The Grey Area. 

“I am hopeful that students will begin to understand that ongoing training is not just us wanting to meet some mandatory agreement, but rather that we really do believe in this cultural shift on this campus and in our community,” said Lisa Lindquist, director, LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center.

The University has already trained 2,657 freshmen with an in-person sexual assault prevention training during their New Student Orientation this summer and will continue to provide the Grey Area in-person training to all new students.

For information on the online training, visit the LoboRESPECT Advocacy Center websiteor call 505-277-2911 or email