The University of New Mexico Athletics Department and the Lobo Club are excited to launch the Loyalty Points Program. The purpose of this new program is to create a more equitable way for the Lobo Club to allocate credit to individuals and companies for their holistic support of UNM Athletics over the years. This points program will be used for many purposes, including postseason ticket allocation, season ticket upgrade requests (within each donor level), parking lot assignments (within each donor level), and more.

A tremendous amount of research on the best practices across the country has been conducted to formulate the most fair and objective system that will reward people for their historical support of UNM Athletics and the Lobo Club.

“We have conducted focus groups with Lobo Club members and season ticket holders, as well as several meetings with our Lobo Club Board of Directors,” said Vice President for Athletics Paul Krebs. “With their input and our research, we feel confident that the Loyalty Points Program is an equitable system that allows us to make difficult decisions about things like Mountain West Basketball Championship tickets and season ticket upgrades at The Pit based on people’s loyal support of the Lobos.”

“I am thrilled that the Lobo Club continues to bring innovative ideas that add value and benefits to its members through initiatives such as the Loyalty Points Program,” said Anndee Wright Brown, president, Lobo Club Board of Directors. “This program allows us to reward and thank our members who have been generous through the years, in addition to enhancing the path of support for our newest members.”

The Loyalty Points Program will be utilized for the 2014 Mountain West Basketball Championship in Las Vegas. The Lobo seating allotment has significantly decreased due to the addition of two new teams to the conference.  “With demand for the Mountain West Basketball Championship at an all-time high, we felt the time was right for us to unveil this new points program to determine who will receive tickets and where people’s seats will be located,” said Krebs. 

The Loyalty Points Program will now factor in both people’s current giving as well as their historical support of our Athletics Department through Lobo Club contributions, season tickets, corporate sponsorships, and overall involvement with the program.

Fans have until Thursday, Dec. 19 at 9 a.m. to lock in their point total to be used for the Mountain West Basketball Championship ticket allocation this year. Additional point adjustments can be made after this date for future events such as the 2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament.

In a joint statement, UNM Associate Vice President & Executive Director of the Alumni Association Karen Abraham and UNM Alumni Association President Randy Royster said, “The Alumni Association supports the Loyalty Points Program and is excited that the Athletics Department has decided to recognize generous contributions to the University such as UNM Alumni, members of the Popejoy Society, and Lettermen.”

To view your current point total and ranking for the Loyalty Points Program, you can log onto your account at  If you have questions or concerns, call the Lobo Club Office at 505-925-CLUB (2582) or email

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions on the Loyalty Points Program, click HERE.

See below for a detailed breakdown of the Loyalty Points Program:

Point Allocation for Donations:

  • 5 points for every continuous year as a Lobo Club member
  • 5 points for every year as a Lobo Club Ambassador (fund drive volunteer)
  • 2 points for every $100 donated to the following:
    • Lobo Scholarship Fund
    • Gift-in-Kind
    • Major gifts towards facilities or special priorities
    • Suites or Club Seats at The Pit (ticket cost excluded)
  • 1 point for every $100 for the following:
    • Sport Enhancement Fund donations
    • Forever Lobo Society donations (irrevocable estate/planned gifts)
  • 1 point for every $400 for the following:
    • Corporate sponsorship (net of any ticket costs or donations) with Lobo Sports Properties (since 2007)

Point Allocation for Season Tickets (since 1995-96):

  • 2 points for every year as a continuous Football season ticket holder
  • 1 point for every year as a continuous Men’s or Women’s Basketball season ticket holder
  • 2 points per seat for every year as a Football season ticket holder
  • 1 point per seat for every year as a Men’s or Women’s basketball season ticket holder

Bonus Point (one-time) Allocations:

  • 500 points for membership in the Lobo Champions Council (major gifts of $50,000 or more cash/$500,000 or more planned gifts)*
  • 10 points for the following:
    • UNM Lettermen**
    • Popejoy Society Member (cumulative lifetime giving of $50,000 or more to any UNM department or program)
  • 5 points for the following:
    • UNM Alumni**
    • Lobo Club elected board member** (since 2002-03)
    • Lifetime Member of the Alumni Lettermen’s Association**

# All donation credit for cash gifts is based upon paid amounts, not pledges (with the exception of planned gifts)

* Eligible to acquire again after expiration of each five year term; if gift is not paid off during five year period, then points will be revoked
** Max of two per account