The University of New Mexico Board of Regents meet on Tuesday, April 9 at 9 a.m. in the Student Union Building, Ballroom C on main campus, Executive Session/Luncheon, 1 p.m. in the Cherry Silver Room.


I.          Confirmation of a Quorum:  Adoption of the Agenda, Regent President Jack L. Fortner    1

II.        Approval of Summarized Minutes of the March 11, 2013 Board of Regent's Meeting        2

III.       President's Administrative Report, President Robert G. Frank         3

Comments from Regents

Public Comment, specific to agenda items

IV.       Regent Committee Reports

Finance and Facilities Committee, Regent James H. Koch, Chair

Contingent upon the approval of the Finance and Facilities Committee, request the following items be

placed on the BOR Agenda as action items.

Action Items:

1.         Monthly Consolidated Financial Reports       4

Liz Metzger, Interim University Controller

2.         Disposition of Surplus Property for Main Campus on list dated 3/15/2013   5

Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

3.         Contract Approvals: Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer       6

a.         Financial Services-FY 2013 Audit Contract Approval

b.         UM Athletics-Daktronics

c.         UNM Information Technologies-Microsoft Corporation

4.         Approval of Lease of Real Property-UNMH Addiction and Substance Abuse Clinic 2600 Yale Blvd.SE.7

Tom Neale, Interim Director Real Estate

5.         Approval of Third Amendment to Lease of Real Property for UNMH Eye Clinic 1600 University, NE     8

Tom Neale, Interim Director Real Estate

6.         Approval of Naming Requests, Dr. Breda Bova, Chair Naming Committee 9

a.         Establishment and Naming for Dr. Anthony T. and Eileen K. Yeung Center for Endoscopic Surgery

b.         New Tennis Facility

c.         Lobo Field Bullpens

7.         Approval of Los Alamos Campus Mill Rate Resolution        10

Cedric Page, UNM-LA Advisory Board

8.         Approval of Retiree Health Care Task Force Report and Recommendations            11

Fran Wilkinson, Deputy Dean University Libraries, Mike Duran, COO, Human Resource

Information Items:

9.         Contract Information: Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer    12

PPD Engineering-Utility Master Plan

10.       Semi-Annual HSC Financial Presentation      13

Ava Lovell, HSC Senior Executive Officer of Finance & Administration

Health Sciences Board, Regent Suzanne Quillen

Action Items:

1.         Request for Tuition Differential, Occupational Therapy Graduate Program 14

Betsy VanLeit, PhD. Director Occupational Therapy

Contingent upon the approval of the HSC Board of Directors, request the following items be placed on the BOR Agenda as action items.

2.         Request for Approval of College of Nursing Graduates, Nancy Ridenour, PhD, RN, Dean            15

3.         Request for Approval of College of Pharmacy Graduates, Lynda Welage, PharmD, Dean

4.         Request for Approval of School of Medicine Graduates, Tom Williams, MD, Exec. Vice Dean

5.         Request for Approval of Manual R. Cristobal to Sandoval Regional Medical Center, Inc., 16

Board of Directors, Kevin Rogols, President & CEO

6.         Request for Approval UNMH Equipment Disposition, Steve McKernan, CEO UNM Hospitals    17

Information Item:

7.         Request for Approval of UNMH Contract with Siemens Medical Solutions, USA, Inc.     18

Academic/Student Affairs & Research Committee, Regent Bradley Hosmer, Chair

Action Items:

1.         Approval of Spring 2013 Degree Candidates            19

Amy Neel, President, Faculty Senate

2.         Approval of Posthumous Degree for Kenneth Lindemann    20

Amy Neel, President, Faculty Senate

3.         Approval of C1187-New AS Computer Science (LA)          21

Cedric Page, Executive Director, UNM Los Alamos

4.         Approval of C-New (BIS)Bachelor of Integrative Studies    22

Catherine Krause, Dean, Honors College

Audit Committee, Regent Gene Gallegos, Chair

1.         Summary Audit Committee Meeting 3/8/2013          23

Comments from Regents' Advisors   24

Amy Neel, President, Faculty Senate

Mary Clark, President, Staff Council

Marisa Silva, President, GPSA

Caroline Muraida, President, ASUNM

The following Advisor reports are scheduled quarterly:

Duffy Swan, President UNM Alumni Association

Carl Alongi, Vice Chair, UNM Foundation

Angi Gonzales-Carver, President, UNM Parent Association

Dr. Donald W. Dusynski, President, UNM Retiree Association

V.        Public Comment

VI.       Vote to close the meeting and to proceed into Executive Session.

Noon-1PM Break, SUB Ballroom A Reception for UNM Regents Carolyn J. Abeita, and Jacob P. Wellman

VII.          Executive Session:

A.  Discussion and determination where appropriate of limited personnel matters pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (2), NMSA (1978)

B.   Discussion and determination where appropriate of threatened or pending litigation

Pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (7) NMSA (1978).

VIII. Vote to re-open meeting.

C.  Certification that only those matters described in Agenda Item X. were discussed in Executive Session and if necessary, final action with regard to those matters will be taken in Open Session.

IX.  Reconvene

Action item:

X.  FY 2014 Budget-Regents       25


1.         Overview – Robert Frank, President

2.         Recap of Legislature

3.         Revenue Discussion:

a)         State Appropriations

b)         Tuition Options

c)         Fee Options

d)         Miscellaneous Revenues

Andrew Cullen, AVP Planning, Budget and Analysis and Terry Babbitt, AVP of Division of Enrollment Management

4.         Expenditures:

a)         Academics – Chaouki Abdallah, Provost & EVP for Academic Affairs

b)         Administration – David Harris, EVP for Administration

c)         Athletics – Paul Krebs, VP Athletics

d)         Auxiliaries – Chris Vallejos, AVP Institutional Support Services

e)         Compensation – Robert Frank, President and David Harris, EVP for Administration

5.         Action item:

a)         Tuition and Compensation for FY14-Full Board of Regents


I.          Budget Introduction - Dr. Paul Roth, Presenter

II.         Budget and Strategic Plan - Dr. Richard Larson, Presenter

III.       Budget Discussion with Assumptions and Dollars - Ava Lovell, CPA, Presenter

1.         Revenue

a) Clinical Practice Income (Facility and Professional)

i) Payers, ACA Impact, Non-Patient Revenue

b) Grants & Contracts and F&A

c) State Appropriations

d) Tuition and Fees

e) Gifts, Endowment Spending Distribution, Transfers and Misc.

2.         Uncompensated Care at Cost

a) By year

b) By County

3.         Expense

a) Salaries/Compensation/Benefits

b) Patient Care/Operating

c) Non Patient Care/Non-Operating

4.         Non-recurring Expenditures and Net Margin

a) Capital

b) Recruitment and Start-up

c) Other Significant Non-recurring

d) Net Margin

XI. Adjournment

The BOR E Book is posted at Board of Regents