The University of New Mexico Board of Regents meet Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 9 a.m. in Ballroom C of the Student Union Building on main campus. The Board of Regents will meet in Executive Session from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Cherry Silver Room.


I. Confirmation of a Quorum: Adoption of the Agenda, Regent President Jack L. Fortner 1
II. Approval of Summarized Minutes of the September 11, 2012 Board of Regents Meeting 2
III. UNM 2020 Update, Robert G.Frank, President, Steven G. Sloate, President, Cirra, Inc.

Comments from Regents

Public Comment, specific to agenda items

IV. Regent Committee Reports

Finance and Facilities Committee, Regent Don L. Chalmers, Chair

Consent Items

A. Disposition of Surplus Property for Main Campus on lists dated September 14, 2012 3
Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

B. Approval of Part II. 4
ACC Student Housing Lease Amendments: Lobo Village and Casas del Rio
Kim Murphy, Director of Real Estate, Tom Neale, Associate Director Real Estate

C. Approval of: 5
Revised Request for Capital Project for KNME &Domenici Hall Electrical Upgrades
to 12.47KV
Vahid Staples, Budget Officer, Office of Planning Budget & Analysis

D. Approval of Appointment to the Harwood Foundation Governing Board 6
David W. Harris, Governing Board of Harwood Foundation

Action Item

E. Approval of University Business Policies and Procedures (UBPP) 7000 for Main, HSC, 7
and Branch Campuses
Andrew Cullen, AVP Planning Budget, Analysis, Bob Fondino, Chief Budget &Financial Officer/HSC

Information Items
F. UNM-LA, 2013 Mil-Levy Rate Resolution 8
Cedric Page, Executive Director, UNM LA, Linda Hull, UNM LA Advisory Board Member

G. Monthly Consolidated Financial Report 9
Liz Metzter, Interim Controller & Ava Lovell, Sr. Exec. Officer Finance & Administration HSC

H. Contract Information: 10
College of Education (Center for Education Policy Research)-Child Trends
Bruce Cherrin, Chief Procurement Officer

I. FY 2013/2014 Budget Development Update 11
Andrew Cullen, AVP Planning, Budget and Analysis

Health Sciences Board, Regent Carolyn J. Abeita, Chair

Action Items

A. Request for Approval: 12
Steve McKernan, CEO UNM Hospitals

1. UNMH Contract with The Medical Resort at Fiesta Park Skilled Nursing Facility

2. UNMH Contract Transitional Hospital Corporation of New Mexico,Inc. d/b/a Kindred Hospital

3. UNMH Contract with Comprehensive Care Services

4. UNMH Contract with HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of New Mexico

5. UNMH Contract with DCI Donor Services

6. UNMH Contract with Medtronic USA

7. Capital Project Approval for UH-Main-IV Pharmacy Renovation

8. Architect Selection for UNMH Alcohol &Substance Abuse Prevention Clinic-A/E Approval

9. Internal Medicine/Cardiology-Staff Care (Non-Invasive Cardiologist Locum Tenens)

10. Internal Medicine/Cardiology-CompHealth (Invasive/Interventionalist Locum Tenens)

11. Capital Project Approval: Architect Selection & Capital Project for Health Sciences Center Animal Resource Facility Improvements

12. Michael Olguin, Chair, UNMH Board of Trustees, as Designated Member of the Health Sciences Board of Directors.

13. Reappointment of Lisa Rossignol, Parent Nominee, to Carrie Tingley Hospital Board of Directors.

14. Appointment of Deborah Johnson to Sandoval Regional Medical Center, Inc. Board of Directors

Information Items

15. Request for Approval of UNMH Contracts with Presbyterian Healthcare Services,
Howmedica Osteonics-Stryker Spine, and Cardinal Health MP & S.

Academic/Student Affairs & Research Committee, Regent Bradley Hosmer, Chair

Action Item

A. Approval of Posthumous Degree for Robert Hohnke 13

Amy Neel, President, Faculty Senate

Information Items

B. Enrollment Update: Census Data and Non-Resident-International Students 14
Terry Babbitt, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management

Audit Committee, Regent Gene Gallegos, Chair

A. Report from the Audit Committee Meeting 9/20/2012 15
Manu Patel, Internal Audit Director

V. Comments from Regents' Advisors 16

Amy Neel, President, Faculty Senate
Mary Clark, President, Staff Council
Marisa Silva, President, GPSA
Caroline Muraida, President, ASUNM
Duffy Swan, President UNM Alumni Association
Gary Gordon, Chair, UNM Foundation
Greg Heileman, Executive Director &Secretary of Board, UNM Parent Association
Dr. Scott Obenshain, UNM Retiree Association

Public Comment

VI. Vote to close the meeting and to proceed into Executive Session.

VII. Executive Session will be held from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. in the Cherry Silver Room

A. Discussion and determination where appropriate of threatened or pending litigation
Pursuant to Section 10-15-1.H (7) NMSA (1978).

B. Discussion and determination where appropriate of limited personnel matters pursuant
to Section 10-15-1.H (2), NMSA (1978)

C. Discussion and determination where appropriate of the purchase, acquisition or
disposal of real property pursuant to Section 10-15-1 H (8) NMSA (1978).

D. Discussion and determination where appropriate of long range strategic planning
related to public hospitals pursuant to Section 10-15-1H) (9) NMSA (1978.

VIII. E. Vote to re-open meeting.

F. Certification that only those matters described in Agenda Item VII. were discussed in
Executive Session and if necessary, final action with regard to those matters will be
taken in Open Session.

IX. Adjournment

BOR Agenda 10.9.2012(10.5.2012)