Course materials and textbooks are essential for student learning and can be notorious for their high price tags. For years, The University of New Mexico Bookstore on main campus has implemented various initiatives and has made continuous strides to lower the prices of course materials to deliver tangible savings to students.

These initiatives have transpired into nearly $4.25 million in direct student savings during the 2017-18 academic year alone. The initiatives include book rentals, textbook buybacks, tax-free books and course materials, and the inclusive access program.

Savings include:

  • New textbooks – $144,000
  • Used textbooks – $339, 400
  • Rental textbooks – $745,500
  • eBooks – $185,600
  • Textbook buyback – $114,800
  • Tax savings – $321,200
  • Inclusive Access – $2.4 million

Other savings were made possible by the partnership between UNM faculty and the bookstore. This partnership allows the UNM Bookstore to rent books, add courses to the Inclusive Access program, source used copies and buy back books from students.

Notable Deadlines for UNM Bookstore 

Spring Deadline Refunds (Course Materials)

  • Full term - Jan. 18
  • 1st half - Jan. 18
  • 2nd half - March 22

Inclusive Access Opt-Out Deadlines

  • Full term - Feb. 1
  • 1st half - Jan. 25
  • 2nd half - March 29
  • Rental Return - May 11

Last year, the UNM Bookstore also lowered its pricing on new textbooks across the board and began to expand its Inclusive Access program to save students even more money. The Inclusive Access program is a multi-year project including staff representation from Extended Learning, UNM Purchasing, UNM Legal, the UNM Bookstore, Information Security and Academic Technologies, in addition to faculty early adopters.

The digital content provided by Inclusive Access averages almost 50 percent off list pricing and is hands down the lowest price available for those course materials – anywhere. Thanks to the hard work of Jon Bobock, associate director, Learning Management System, the Inclusive Access program allows students to access their digital course materials in Blackboard Learn for each participating course on or before the first day of class.

Students are given the choice to opt out of Inclusive Access material prior to the add/drop date for classes. After that, it is automatically charged to their student bursar’s account. Print upgrades are also available at the bookstore for most Inclusive Access titles for those who prefer or require hard copies or for students that don’t opt out of the Inclusive Access program. This gives students up to three weeks to use the materials and see if they work for them before the opt-out deadline.

“The UNM Bookstore is the only course materials provider that works directly with the UNM Faculty to ensure we have exactly what the professor wants for the course,” said UNM Bookstore Director Carrie Mitchell. “Our staff work very hard to find several options of the books such as used texts, eTexts and loose-leaf editions for our students. We are excited that more faculty and publishers come on board with the IA program every semester. It’s the right material, at a great price, negotiated through collaboration between the instructor, the publisher and the UNM Bookstore. The overall savings is tremendous for our students. Over $2 million in savings last year alone.”

Additional student assistance is provided through the UNM Bookstore Student Bursar’s account. Any UNM student currently enrolled in at least 6 credit hours will automatically receive a credit limit of up to $750 that can be used to purchase any items in the store. Once a student is notified that their Spring 2019 Bursar’s Account is active, it can be used for in-store or online purchases at the UNM Bookstores.

The UNM Bookstore’s Textbook Buyback is also available throughout the year. The largest buybacks occur at the end of each semester around finals once the UNM Bookstore knows which books have been adopted for the next semester, but students also have the option to sell back their textbooks anytime.

For more information regarding student savings, contact UNM Bookstore Division Manager Lisa Walden at 277-7494 or