The November election is here, and one of the items on the ballot is General Obligation (GO) Bond C which supports higher education institutions throughout the state of New Mexico. If passed, GO Bond C will help maintain the institutions and provide resources to help deliver high-quality education. Among the 13 projects spread across The University of New Mexico’s campuses are four branch campus projects totaling $8.2 million.  

At UNM-Los Alamos (UNM-LA), $1.7 million will Renew, replace, upgrade and equip space dedicated to Workforce Development /Career Technical Education programs, including class labs with related STEM labs, and program support space and infrastructure to address the current workforce needs in Los Alamos. These high-quality learning environments for students will help increase the number of high-paying jobs that require postsecondary certificates and degrees. Employees with post-secondary education earn more money than high school graduates.

At the UNM-Gallup campus, $3 million is earmarked for the UNM-Gallup Center for Career Technology, Education, and Innovation (CCTEI). This project will not only renovate the CCTEI building but other spaces across campus to support programs that are relevant to the community. These programs include automotive technology, construction technology, welding technology, allied health, HVAC, mechanical industrial technology, emergency medical services, and other workforce training disciplines identified as emerging and high growth industries.

At UNM-Taos, a $2 million project that’s part of the Klauer Campus Master-planned site development includes a fire and safety roadway with associated drainage and parking lot realignment & improvements. Currently, Klauer Campus houses the majority of programs and support services – students, staff, and faculty – with limited parking areas and only one access and egress roadway. The conditions of the existing south parking area require extensive repairs, lighting, and security cameras. Additional roadway improvements will provide safe pedestrian crosswalks, speed controls, corrected site lines and drivelines to parking lots. All pedestrian routes will be updated providing adequate ADA compliant routes from car to class.

The final branch campus project is a $1.5 million project at UNM-Valencia for campus fire safety improvements. UNM-Valencia Campus Business and Technology, Administration, Physical Plant and Student Center buildings are not compliant with updated fire code and lack proper sprinklers and fixtures. Upgrades will correct the deficiencies and provide appropriate water flows and alarms in each building. The remaining campus buildings meet fire code but are in need of renovation because of the age of the equipment.

New Mexico students, employers, and others will benefit from these newly-renovated facilities and updated technology. Higher educational institutions in New Mexico must stay competitive with out-of-state institutions if they are to recruit, educate, and graduate the best students in the state.

If passed GO Bond C will help provide 1,500 jobs in 23 communities statewide. The bond will not increase taxes.

For more information about UNM’s projects, visit 2020 GO Bonds. A complete list of projects is available at