The University of New Mexico’s Institutional Support Services (ISS) announces the creation of UNM Capital & Space Strategies, a new department that will provide strategic coordination, guidance and planning resources for institutional space, facility physical assets and capital resources for The University. 

 To create this new division, Facilities Management Space Management division has been combined with Planning, Design, & Construction’s Capital Outlay Planning office.

Tabia Allred
Tabia Allred

“This organizational change elevates both Capital Planning and Space Management to the vice president level at Institutional Support Services, rather than having these institutional functions and strategic resources embedded within two different departments,” explains Tabia Allred, the planning officer who will lead the new Capital & Space Strategies division under ISS. “By combining Capital Planning with Space Management, we can bring together our functional space use and needs, the existing facility conditions and feasibility studies, and the universities education and research mission priorities to create capital and space strategies to address these needs as a whole.” 

Space is an institutional asset that is increasingly expensive to maintain and build. The Space Management division was originally created in 2007 to provide the University of New Mexico with room-by-room spacial data to support an integrated approach to analyze, plan, manage and allocate space. Space Management collaborates with numerous departments and initiatives to support maximizing UNM's space and is committed to the effective and efficient use of that space.

Capital Outlay Planning office budgets resources for new and replacement buildings, equipment and other major capital expenditures to steward responsible growth at UNM.

“My vision is to leverage the data of both space function and use and the facility condition assessments to build a data driven model for the development of the university’s capital needs,” said Allred. “This will allow UNM to objectively review our existing facilities and create a plan to replace, repair, remodel or remove facilities to allow for the highest and best use of our limited land resources, to accomplish the universities missions.”

Allred was recruited to her new role as the ISS Planning Officer in mid-June. She has over a decade of experience in capital planning, working with stakeholders on their physical space needs and providing guidance for capital funding strategies and requests for UNM. Tabia manages and facilitates the Capital Planning Leadership Team which creates the annual capital outlay plan. 

She works closely with New Mexico Higher Education Department and New Mexico State Board of Finance in obtaining project construction approvals. She also provides oversight for the UNM space database of record FAMIS and the accuracy of our space data. Additionally providing strategic leadership for UNM space allocation and assignments both on and off-campus.