UNM Recycling will host an information booth in the Student Union Building on Thursday, Nov. 15 as part of "America Recycles Day." Stop by to learn about how UNM recycles and sign up for their recycling listserv. They will feature great giveaways to reward players of the Sustainability Jeopardy game.

Director of UNM Recycling Linda McCormick says UNM is the fifth largest recycler in the state. The university recycled more than 250 million tons of materials in 2011.

UNM is remarkable for the variety of materials recycled including cardboard, all kinds of paper, scrap metal, CDs/DVDs, video tapes, audio tapes, food, water, aluminum can, plastic and glass bottles, tin cans, green waste from landscaping, plastic bags, cooking oil and grease, used oil from cars and trucks, oil filters, tire weights, chemicals and fluorescent lamps.

McCormick says students directly contribute about 15 percent of all the materials the university recycles. Champion recyclers at UNM are the Department of Biology, Student Health and Counseling, the Physical Plant Department and the Center for Development and Disability at the Health Sciences Center.

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