College Decision Day is a celebration of one of the most exciting choices someone can make in their lifetime — if and where they plan to pursue higher education.

For many future students, May 1 is an opportunity to show school pride for their future alma mater. This year, in celebration of College Decision Day, The University of New Mexico is highlighting two Lobos planning to join the Class of 2028.

Meagan McDevitt

Meagan McDevitt has known she wanted to become a doctor since she was little. This Fall, she’ll join The University of New Mexico Class of 2028 to study in the combined BA/MD program.

“It initially started because I like helping people and I like making people’s day, making sure that everyone is taken care of and then I started thinking about the best way to make that into a career and becoming a physician was what I really connected with,” McDevitt said. “Just being able to know at the end of the day that I’ve helped people and made people’s lives better is something that feels really satisfying for me.”

McDevitt thinks she would like to become a surgeon, but her part-time job as a floating teacher’s assistant at a pre-school has also gotten her interested in exploring pediatrics. As president of her high school’s Key Club and HOSA chapters, she values giving back to others.

Attending UNM and pursuing the combined BA/MD program was a longtime goal for McDevitt. This Fall, she’ll begin her first classes in the journey that will help her realize her dream. Throughout high school she began to look at other programs that offered combined undergraduate and medical school programs, carefully considering which school might offer the best fit. Ultimately a few factors came into play in her decision. The education required to become a doctor is long and can be expensive. She knew UNM could offer her a much more competitive cost of attendance than other universities with similar programs. Attending UNM also meant being close to family who could offer encouragement while she studied. But there was something else too, perhaps less tangible than the practicality of finances or distance from home. It had always been UNM’s program in the back of her mind. The Lobo life was calling.

“It’s always been UNM’s BA/MD Program that I’ve wanted to go into ever since I was little,” she said.

With the Fall semester right around the corner, McDevitt said she is most excited about meeting new people and diving into college classes. As a longtime dancer and participant in her high school’s award-winning show choir, she said she looks forward to joining a dance group on campus or maybe even starting her own. Though no student knows exactly what college life may hold, McDevitt is eager to find out. When asked what emoji best describes how she feels about starting college she picked 🤪.

Teddy Lehman

Teddy Lehman will also join the UNM Class of 2028 this Fall and plans to check out a few different degree areas starting with

Biology and Education. Lehman was inspired to study Biology after a childhood of exploring the outdoors and camping with their granny who had an affinity for finding the bones and furs of wild animals. They took their interest further during an internship with the Museum of Southwestern Biology during their senior year of high school.

“I’m excited to get hands-on experience with things I am passionate about,” Lehman said.

When Lehman isn’t in school, they enjoy exploring the bosque, painting, and working on other art projects. They are also an active leader in their high school’s chapter of the Genders and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), a student-run club that empowers LGBTQ+ youth and their allies to create safer, more inclusive, and welcoming schools while also building stronger, more resilient youth.

Lehman looks forward to the opportunities and new friendships their time at UNM will bring, but they know there is already at least one face to recognize— their dad, a UNM arborist who helps bring campus to life with its lush trees, bushes, and flowers.

While they are no stranger to UNM’s campus, Lehman knows this Fall will bring new beginnings. When asked what emoji best describes how they feel about starting college, they fittingly picked 🪴.

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