The UNM Student Activities Center’s presentation of Harry Potter Day brought students, staff, faculty and community members to the SUB on Tuesday.

The event included a sorting hat ceremony, Harry Potter trivia with Geeks Who Drink, Butter Beer at Hogsmead, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans and more magic. Attendees also enjoyed a photo booth with various Harry Potter props.

“Harry Potter Day is a way for students to relax right before their latest block of tests and a way for other students to find community on campus,” said the SAC Director Ryan Lindquist. “Many students have a big passion for the Harry Potter story and this day allows them to come together and share the experience. We see people every year in house robes, themed shirts and even more elaborate costumes. It is really great to see the smiles and enjoyment on their faces during this event.”

Although international Harry Potter Day is celebrated on May 2, commemorating the day of the Battle of Hogwarts, UNM’s observation of the events of the fictional series serves a way to ease the tension of finals and help celebrate the holidays. SAC is already hard at work on its next event to make sure Lobos are having fun with stress-relieving activities between classes.

For future events hosted by SAC, visit their website for more information.