Around the world, nearly 36 million people are living with HIV. The virus continues to be a major public health issue, having claimed the lives of more than 39 million since 1981.

The University of New Mexico Truman Health Services and the Names Project Foundation are honored to display some of the voices of the people who lost their lives in the struggle against HIV/AIDS for World AIDS Day on the UNM campus on Friday, Dec. 1.

In the effort to continue to raise awareness, and to fight prejudice and stigma, an AIDS Memorial Quilt was created and now consists of nearly 50,000 panels honoring people who have died from AIDS. Because of the huge size, it is no longer possible to display the whole quilt in a single location at once.

Panels from the quilt will be on display at UNM in the Center for the Arts lobby and the Department of Art building.

The quilt was inspired by a group of strangers in San Francisco in June 1987, who gathered to remember the names and lives of their loved ones that they feared history would forget. Their loved ones would be remembered with the first quilt panel, and soon their voices would swell to tens of thousands, calling for compassion and action in the age of HIV/AIDS.

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