The Department of Individual, Family and Community Education hosting its annual Research Showcase 2018 on Thursday, March 1, from 5 to 7 p.m. in Travelstead Hall at The University of New Mexico.

The event is held to foster collaboration among researchers and to raise the visibility of the research being conducted in the department. Researchers in this department explore issues across the lifespan that impact the daily lives of New Mexicans. By attending this event, students, faculty and guests will get a chance to hear from researchers at UNM.

Undergraduates or graduates from any major or minor, part-time instructor, or faculty member in the department is welcome to participate. Anyone else is welcome if they have an IFCE-affiliated co-author. Along with networking opportunities, those who register will gain practice presenting research in a professional setting.

The Showcase is an excellent “one-stop-shop” to learn more about the breadth of research being done in the department. The richness of New Mexico is mirrored and many of its needs are addressed through the diversity of the graduates, students, faculty and programs of the department. What they study, learn and teach travels the globe.

Topics studied include parental drinking problems and children’s sleep, culturally responsive interventions for Latino families; ELL students with math difficulties, bone health in females with PKU, parental involvement, family cohesion, cultural values and engaging professional development.

For more details about the event visit the website.

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