The University of New Mexico and Eszterházy Károly College (EKC), located in Eger, Hungary, have agreed to collaborate, giving students from each institution the opportunity to attend the other. Representing UNM was Steve Nussbaum, director, International Programs & Studies in the Global Education Office; and from Eszterházy, Agnes Horvath, vice rector for International Affairs signed.

The agreement is designed to estalish specific educational relations and cooperation between the two universities. "We are looking to promote collaborative research and other educational opportunities that promote mutual understanding," said Mark Peceny, dean of the UNM College of Arts & Sciences.

Students enrolled in one institution can take courses at the host institution for credit that apply toward a degree at their home institution, per the agreement. "We look to have two students from EKC and two students from UNM participate in the exchange program each year for one or two academic sessions," Horvath said.

The two institutions also agree in principle to possible exchanges for administrative staff and faculty, the details of which would be negotiated as the situation arises.

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