Albuquerque Rescue Mission has been blessed by many students, and student organizations, over the years, who have been part of our success. The most recent is a group of communication students who collected items for the Mission. These students are enrolled in a class called Senior Seminar, taught by Dr. Judith Hendry. 

Two students, Brendan Bidal and Chris Acosta, dropped off the donations recently. They showed up with smiling faces, and you could tell they were delighted to help. They were two of five students who chose to help the mission as part of their class at UNM.

College students are not usually wealthy. The fact that these students gave us anything is a testament to their character. 

Acosta, a university senior, spoke to us about the experience of collecting and donating. He said, "For students of communication, this project has helped us apply our understanding of audiences, messages, moral and ethical reasoning, problem analysis and social responsibility. This experience was truly heart warming and we were all emotional when delivering our presentation today. Even the professor had a few tears."

We are very proud of our UNM students, especially those who are learning to impact their world and are active in doing just that. It gives us hope that the issues we will face in the future, will be dealt with by a caring and responsible generation. 

We hope that this small challenge exposes them to our heart for people who are homeless, and often have little hope for their futures.

We would like to see ourselves, here at the Mission, not only a source for those in need, but serving to be an example of fulfilling our responsibility to meet the needs of our fellow man. 

We are also proud to say that we have professors/teachers at UNM that find value in teaching students the need to reach out to parts of the world that are hurting or in need; even if that is just in our own backyards.

Thank you UNM Communication students. You have made a difference in the worlds of people who really need help. You have been part of something bigger than yourselves; something that actually changes someone's life ... or perhaps, ... even, saves a life. 

Our prayers are for your success and that you will continue to change your world.

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