Registration is underway for those interested in attending the 11th consecutive, "Traditional Medicine without Borders: Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico." Eliseo "Cheo" Torres, UNM vice president for Student Affairs and professor of Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies, in conjunction with the UNM Women's Resource Center, hosts the two week course Monday-Friday, July 18-29, from 8:10 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. in the UNM Anthropology lecture hall, room 163. 

The popular summer class is an opportunity for Mexican traditional healers to share knowledge about "Curanderismo" the art and science of Mexican folk healing with students and members of the public. 

Torres takes an integrative approach to medicine; his class features demonstrations incorporating Curanderismo with various traditional and holistic health techniques. The course uses healers and health practitioners from UNM, Mexico and the Albuquerque community as instructors.

Torres said the class has grown in popularity over the years. More than 100 students attended last year and more are expected this year, some coming from as far away as New York, California, Colorado and Iowa. 

"What's unique about this class is that local curanderos, practitioners and healers all come together to share and learn about traditional healing methods," Torres said. "The first week local curanderos will be involved, while both Mexican curanderos and local curanderos will take part in week two."

Also in conjunction with the class, the UNM Women's Resource Center, the National Hispanic Cultural Center and La Plazita Institute, sponsor and host several Mexican traditional health fairs (Ferias de Salud) and free workshops around the city.

The health fairs and workshops, held in Albuquerque July 26-28, feature 30 well-known Mexican folk healers/curanderos(as) from the Mexico City area, including the communities of Cuernavaca, Tepoztlán, Amatlán and Oaxaca. In addition, folk healing traditions from Peru and Ecuador are also slated.  

"Topics to be discussed are traditional healing therapies including herbal medications, spiritual energy cleansings and other healing techniques, which have remained a part of the Mexican culture for centuries," Torres said.

For a copy of the class syllabus and a complete list of health fairs and workshop descriptions visit Curanderismo or follow on Facebook.

For more information, contact Dorene DiNaro at (505) 277-5299 or e-mail,