The UNM Division for Equity and Inclusion hosts a virtual town hall on Thursday, Sept. 24 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. The town hall, titled Promising Practices in UNM Campus Safety, is being held to hear concerns from the campus community about public safety and policing on campus.

The well-being of the UNM community remains one of UNM’s top priorities, whether it’s working to put into place health protocols to respond to COVID-19 or striving to ensure UNM’s campus is safe and welcoming.

UNMPD Townhall

With that in mind, a variety of topics will be discussed during the town hall starting with a fireside chat discussing the history of law enforcement in the U.S., interactions with law enforcement including distrust, perceived barriers with reporting, and suggestions to build trust. Participants include directors and staff of El Centro de la Raza (Rosa Cervantes and Armando Bustamante), American Indian Student Services (Pamela Agoyo), African American Student Services (Brandi Stone), and LGBTQ Resource Center (Frankie Flores).

Other topics include UNMPD active listening (goals, successes, concerns, and plans for addressing concerns) and feasibility and institutional accountability for next steps which includes a panel discussion featuring several panelists including interim Chief of Police Joe Silva, Dean of Students Nasha Torrez, Officer Patricia Young and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Teresa Costantinidis; and moderator, OEO Director Francie Córdova.

UNM President Garnett S. Stokes and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration Teresa Costantinidis will provide opening and closing remarks respectively.

To register for, visit Promising Practices in UNM Campus Public Safety Town Hall.