Faculty at The University of New Mexico will vote Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 16-17 on whether or not to be represented by a union. The voting locations will be open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., both days. Voting on main campus takes place at the Student Union Building (SUB) in Lobo Rooms A&B.

The faculty union petition was filed on Feb. 13, 2019. There are two separate possible bargaining units. Faculty in these two groups will vote in one of two secret ballot elections, depending on in which group they fall. The two elections are separate and independent, but being carried out at the same time.

The two bargaining units include:

  • Continuing Faculty Unit: Faculty with the titles Professor; Associate Professor; Assistant Professor; Professor of Practice; Research Professor; Research Associate Professor; Research Assistant Professor; Research Lecturer; Lecturer I, II and III; Senior Lecturer I, II and III; Principal Lecturer I, II and III; Research Lecturer I, II and III; Senior Instructor; and Instructor.
  • Adjunct Faculty Unit: adjunct faculty, including term teaching faculty.

The vote by secret ballot will be administered by the American Arbitration Association and overseen by the UNM Labor Management Relations Board. AAA is an independent entity with experience in conducting union elections.

Voting will be held at five sites – one on central campus and one on each branch campus – in which two separate groups of faculty (eligible faculty detailed below) can vote.

  • Student Union Building – Main Campus, Lobo Rooms A & B
  • UNM-Gallup Library Conference Room
  • UNM-Los Alamos Building 6, Room 631
  • UNM-Taos Padre Martinez Student Services Center, Room D
  • UNM-Valencia Student Center

The lists of eligible voters (separated by campus and proposed bargaining unit) has been publicly posted. Voters will show a photo ID and sign against their name on the list of eligible voters.

After the elections, ballots will be sent to the Labor Management Relations Board Agent who will count votes and certify the election. This will happen on Friday, Oct. 18.

For each of the two elections, at least 40 percent of the eligible voters in that proposed bargaining unit must vote, or the vote for collective bargaining representation fails. If the 40 percent threshold is met: majority rules.  A majority is defined as 50 percent plus one of those who voted.  A tie vote is a vote for no collective bargaining representation.

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions, visit FAQs.

For more information, visit UNM Faculty Union Information. For questions or comments, email faculty.union.info@unm.edu.