Florentin Smarandache, professor of mathematics at University of New Mexico's Gallup campus, is a recipient in the 5th Annual New Mexico Book Awards sponsored by the New Mexico Book Co-op. Smarandache was honored in the category of Science and Mathematics for his book titled, "Algebraic Structures Using Natural Class of Intervals." Smarandache and co-author W.B Vasantha Kandasamy published the book earlier this year and accepted the award at a special event at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Albuquerque recently. More than 45 books authored by New Mexicans were recognized in a variety of categories.

Smarandache has previously published in fields ranging from mathematics, computer science, physics, economics, philosophy, social science and literature, and has served as a co-editor or author in over 150 books and 200 scientific papers. He was recently honored by the University of Pecs in Hungary having received the 2010 Telesio-Galilei Gold Medal for Science.

In addition to teaching as a full time professor of mathematics, Smarandache currently serves as editor of "Progress in Physics," an international journal printed and edited at UNM-Gallup. For more on Smarandache, visit: UNM Gallup.