The TRiO Student Support Services program at UNM-Gallup recently completed its annual assessment for the 2014-15 academic year and exceeded the approved objectives, as established by the U.S. Department of Education, in all five areas of assessment.

The Student Support Services program was recently re-funded for another five year grant cycle which will allow continuation of their mission to motivate and serve the culturally diverse student population of UNM-Gallup. Through a broad range of support services that include advising, tutoring, financial literacy counseling and a dedication to helping students succeed, the Student Support Services staff work closely with qualifying students to assist them in navigating all areas of higher education.

The recent evaluation ranked the program on an objective of serving 160 students, but 163 students were actually admitted giving the program a participation assessment rate of 101 percent. While the program was approved at a rate of 80 percent, 92 percent of participants remained in good academic standing.

The approved rate for students to persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next was 65 percent and the achieved rate was 83 percent. The graduation rate was approved at 15 percent and was exceeded at a rate of 38 percent, and the transfer rate to a four-year institution was approved at 15 percent while the achieved rate was 27 percent.

Jayme McMahon, acting director of Student Affairs, said “We are so proud of our staff and our students for attaining these results.” 

Federal TRiO programs, such as Student Support Services, are outreach and student service programs designed to identify and provide individualized assistance to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Eight programs are included under the TRiO umbrella and all are targeted at low income, first generation college students and individuals with disabilities. The programs help students progress through the academic pipeline from middle school through baccalaureate programs.