Students from the UNM-Gallup TRIO programs recently attended the Martin Luther King Jr. 2019 Youth Leadership Conference in Albuquerque. Student participants from the TRIO Lobo Academy summer bridge program, TRIO Student Support Services and TRIO Upward Bound, were immersed in workshops and activities intended to prepare them to successfully navigate college. 

TRIO Student Support Services Director Kimmila Simms accompanied the students and said of the conference, “The students learned about college prep, team building, positive policing and financial literacy. They met two Lobo basketball players and enjoyed many more fun and professional activities.” 

The 5th Annual Youth Leadership Conference was sponsored by the Martin Luther King Jr. State Commission. The theme of the conference was “Stay Focused” and students were given the opportunity to attend numerous sessions where they learned educational and personal life strategies to promote success. 

TRIO programs fund initiatives at college campuses to promote postsecondary education and provide specialized services to assist qualifying students in achieving access and resources for college completion. UNM-Gallup has both TRIO Student Support Services and TRIO Upward Bound programs. 

The Student Support Services program works with incoming and existing college students to increase opportunities for college completion. Students are provided personalized advising, academic tutoring and individualized counseling along a spectrum of services. 

The Upward Bound initiative provides services to high school students in helping them prepare for high school graduation and college entrance. Programs are offered during the summer and throughout the school year to high school students to increase the rate at which students complete high school and matriculate to post-secondary institutions. 

For more information, visit TRIO programs.