The University of New Mexico raised more than $950,133 as part of its recent UNM Gives campaign in support of the UNM Foundation and United Way of Central New Mexico.

The total amount was almost $215,000 more than UNM raised in 2017 with 1,563 individuals donating to this year's campaign from areas including UNM, UNM Foundation, UNM Hospital, UNM Retirees UNM Medical Group and Sandoval Regional Medical Center.

“It’s remarkable to have raised $215,000 more than last year. I’m really proud of our community and their contributions to things that really matter and make a difference throughout the surrounding communities and also here at UNM,” said UNM President Garnett S. Stokes. “All of us are members of this community and we thrive when the community thrives.

“It’s really important for us here at UNM to let everyone around us know that we care about where we are. This is our home too and we want people to be safe, we want them to be healthy, we want them to be educated and we want them to be able to thrive in the area around us.”

Two departments were recognized with a pizza party sponsored by Saggio’s for their efforts as part of the UNM Gives campaign. On main campus, the College of Arts and Sciences administrative support group had a campaign-high 32 percent participation rate, while the HSC’s Department of Pediatrics raised a campaign-high $29,474 for a department.  

“Thank you to UNM faculty and staff for raising over $950,000 this year through the UNM Gives Campaign,” said UNM Gives campaign co-chair Abra Altman. “In a state where the needs sometimes feel overwhelming, it’s phenomenal that so many give back to the pack. Your generosity will go right back to our community.” 

For additional information on the campaign, visit UNM Gives.