U.S. News and World Report today released its 2023 Best Graduate Schools rankings, and several University of New Mexico programs are among them.

The rankings focus only on graduate programs, as opposed to other rankings released from U.S. News and World Report that focus on undergraduate and online programs. The publication releases rankings every year but focuses on different programs with each release. 

Its Best Graduate Schools rankings includes in-depth evaluations of six academic disciplines, using a variety of statistical data as well as surveys of academic peers. The following University of New Mexico’s programs earned high rankings in those fields:

  • No. 89 in Best Education Schools (tie)
  • No. 86 in Best Engineering Schools (tie)
    • No. 111 in Biomedical Engineering / Bioengineering
    • No. 98 in Civil Engineering
    • No. 69 in Computer Engineering
    • No. 63 in Electrical / Electronic / Communications Engineering
    • No. 74 in Environmental Engineering
    • No. 14 in Nuclear Engineering
    • No. 99 in Computer Science (tie)
  • No. 91 in Best Law Schools (tie)
    • No. 8 in Clinical Training (tie)
    • No. 90 in Criminal Law
    • No. 29 in Environmental Law
    • No. 74 in Legal Writing
  • No. 87 in Best Medical Schools: Research (tie)
    • No. 7 in Family Medicine (tie)
    • No. 5 in Most Diverse Medical Schools
    • No. 110 in Most Graduates Practicing in Medically Underserved Areas (tie)
    • No. 16 in Most Graduates Practicing in Primary Care Fields
    • No. 52 in Most Graduates Practicing in Rural Areas
  • No. 16 in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care (tie)
  • No. 61 in Best Nursing Schools: Master's (tie)
  • No. 80 in Best Nursing Schools: Doctor of Nursing Practice (tie)
  • No. 100 in Biological Sciences (tie)
  • No. 100 in Chemistry (tie)
  • No. 88 in Clinical Psychology (tie)
  • No. 46 in Earth Sciences (tie)
  • No. 110 in Economics (tie)
  • No. 89 in English (tie)
  • No. 64 in Best Fine Arts Programs (tie)
    • No. 8 in Photography
  • No. 48 in History (tie)
  • No. 91 in Mathematics (tie)
  • No. 11 in Nursing-Midwifery (tie)
  • No. 42 in Occupational Therapy (tie)
  • No. 43 in Pharmacy (tie)
  • No. 137 in Physical Therapy (tie)
  • No. 108 in Physician Assistant (tie)
  • No. 77 in Physics (tie)
  • No. 81 in Political Science (tie)
  • No. 97 in Psychology (tie)
  • No. 114 in Best Public Affairs Programs (tie)
  • No. 79 in Public Health (tie)
  • No. 70 in Sociology (tie)
  • No. 72 In Speech-Language Pathology (tie)
  • No. 72 in Statistics (tie)

Several rankings improved since last assessed: the UNM Law School (No. 91, up from No. 102), Medical School-Primary Care program (No. 16 up from No. 28), and Public Health Program (No. 79 up from No. 90), to name a few. Others maintained or slightly varied from previous rankings.

Many UNM specialty programs were also ranked with several landing in the top 20. Those include No. 8 in Photography, No. 8 in clinical training (law), and No. 14 in nuclear engineering, as well as several highly ranked Health Sciences Programs. If you are aware of a UNM program listed in 2023 Best Graduate Schools or the 2023 top 20 rankings of specialty programs, and do not see it here, please email the information to Rachel Whitt.

The Best Graduate Schools rankings are based on two types of data: expert opinions about program excellence, and statistical indicators that measure the quality of a school's faculty, research and students. To read the full methodology, click here.